Product information

Petrochemical Products

The Oita Plant located in the Oita Petrochemical Complex supplies C4 (butane, 1-butene, isobutylene and others) chemistry products using C4 fractions or LPG as the raw ingredient. These include polybutene and maleic anhydride derivatives, which are widely used in a variety of fields.

NOF’s petrochemical product line is as follows: (Click on each product for characteristics and main uses)

【Polybutene and its derivatives】


Product name Polybutene
Characteristics A colorless and low-irritant liquid polymer with adhesive qualities formed through the polymerization of isobutene and normal butene cations. Exceptionally stable even when stored for long periods, maintaining adhesiveness, coloring and viscosity. During storage, does not become dry and solidified, nor take on a wax- or rubber-like state. Does not degrade under application of heat or pressure.
Main uses Lubricants, adhesives, coking material, sealing material, electrical insulation material, rubber, asphalt, ink, fertilizers and dispersants

Isoparaffin-based hydrocarbon solvents (NA Solvent Series)

Product name NA Solvent Series
Characteristics A liquid polymer with low viscosity created through the polymerization of butene fractions. Contains a very low volume of impurities such as chlorine, sulfur and metals. A hydrocarbon oil base means it has a low pour point compared to mineral oil-based products. Almost completely odorless due to a high level of purification.
Main uses Solvent used in electronic copying, carrier solvent used as a polymerization catalyst for polyolefins, solvent for paints and ink, wax thinning agent, solvent in household insecticide, solvent for various air fresheners, and a base oil for low-temperature lubricants

Polybutene emulsion(EMAWET®)

(Under construction)

【Maleic anhydride derivatives】

Special powdered maleic anhydride

Product name SY-A
CRYSTAL MAN® AB(An additive anti-blocking agent)
Characteristics Highly pure maleic anhydride in powdered form. Easily and equally dispersed within other powdered substances. Particularly effective in small volumes as a grafting material with organic peroxides to produce uniform polar resins and adhesive resins of polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene-propylene rubber.
Main uses Ideal as an improver for polyolefins

Polymaleic acid

Product name NONPOL® PMA-50W
Characteristics A water-based solvent containing polymaleic acid with maleic acid units. Acts as a polymer electrolyte by electrostatically attracting metal ions, and disperses inorganic substances.
Main uses Scaling prevention agent used with water treatment chemicals, anti-corrosion agent and other applications
Chemical data Separate/mixed classification: Mixed substance
Constituents CAS No. Chemical Substance Law No. Content(%)
Polymerized maleic acid 26099-09-2 6-921 40-48
Maleic acid 110-16-7 2-1100 5-7
Water 7732-18-5 47-53
Appearance and key characteristics

Appearance :

pH : 0.5-1.0

Density : 1.18g/cm3(25℃)

Boiling point : Above 100℃

Freezing point : -4℃

Ignition point : Not measured