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Ocean Exploitation Equipments

One of the important global themes of the 21st century is ocean exploitation. Japan plays a major role in ocean exploitation, and ocean exploitation is one of the major national projects. NOF subsidiary NiGK Corporation is involved in research and development related to oceanographic survey equipments used to measure and survey oceans. For example, using its in-house pyrotechnic technology, NiGK Corporation has developed underwater releaser incorporating solid gas generator. By combining its expertise in ultrasonic measurement and control techniques, the company has created the variety of cutting-edge ocean development devices.

Recently developed L-II-type underwater releaser, which demonstrated its performance successfully in the depth of 10,000 meters, is contributing to significant progress in measuring deep-sea pollution and sea currents as well as undersea cable laying and marine construction projects. NOF technology and products are now playing a key role in the Japanese national continental shelf survey project. Specifically, its underwater releasers are used as underwater boring machines to measure subsea earthquakes. Today, with a growing focus on global environmental issues, NOF’s safe and reliable products and technical services are gaining support from government agencies, research institutions, academics and industry.

NiGK Corporation