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NOF’s Original Ingredient

1. What is Lipidure®?

Lipidure® is a polymer ingredient developed as a surface preparation agent for artificial organs and is characterized by its biological compatibility.

2. Mechanism of Biological Compatibility

The biological compatibility of Lipidure® is derived from the properties of the phosphorylcholine (PC) group, a living organism-derived functional group.

Structure Structure Image

What is the PC group?
The PC group, a polar head group of phospholipids that constitutes the main component of cell membranes, exhibits the following properties, which create various functions for Lipidure®.

Properties of the PC group Functions of Lipidure<sup>®</sup>

3. Application in Contact Lens Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

With excellent antifouling and moisture retaining performance, Lipidure® is used by major Japanese manufacturers for contact lens solutions.

antifouling and moisture retaining performance

4. Use in Ophthalmic Solutions (Artificial Tears)

Lipidure® has also been adopted for ophthalmic solutions because of its superb moisture retaining and horny-coat protection effects.

horny-coat protection effects

5. Various Applications in the Life Science Field

With its unrivalled, distinctive features, Lipidure® is used in various life science products.

6. Lineup of Lipidure® for Cosmetics

The high-level biocompatibility and safety of Lipidure® also make it suitable as a cosmetic ingredient. A variety of Lipidure® products are available for various purposes.

Product Name Label Name Purpose Structure
Lipidure®–HM Polyphosphorylcholine Glycol Acrylate *1 Structure Image
Lipidure®–PMB Polyquaternium–51 *1 Structure Image
Lipidure®–A Polyquaternium–65 *2 Structure Image
Lipidure®–C Polyquaternium–64 *2 Structure Image
Lipidure®–S Polyquaternium–61 *3 Structure Image
Lipidure®–NR Polyquaternium–61 *1
Lipidure®–NA Polyquaternium–61 *2
*1 Skin care
*2 Hair care
*3 Makeup
Lipidure® is a registered trademark of NOF Corporation.
For inquiries about using Lipidure® in oral care products, please contact our Life Science Products Division, which is responsible for the patent.