NOF’s Original Ingredient

1. What is LIPIDURE®?

Lipidure® is a polymer ingredient developed as a surface preparation agent for artificial organs and is characterized by its biological compatibility.

2. Mechanism of Biological Compatibility

The biological compatibility of Lipidure® is derived from the properties of the phosphorylcholine (PC) group, a living organism-derived functional group.


The PC group, a polar head group of phospholipids that constitutes the main component of cell membranes, exhibits the following properties, which create various functions for Lipidure®.

3. Lineup of Lipidure® for Cosmetics

The high-level biocompatibility and safety of Lipidure® also make it suitable as a cosmetic ingredient. A variety of Lipidure® products are available for various purposes.

Lineup of Lipidure

4. Features of Lipidure® for Cosmetics

A biocompatible polymer that protects skin from various environmental stress factors

5.Technical data