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The content (information related to the Company’s products and services) of the NOF CORPORATION website (this website) is provided to users based on the terms and conditions explained below. On visiting this website, users are assumed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

1. Scope of Use

Unless otherwise stated, the Company and its affiliated companies are the proprietary owners of all content on this website, and have the sole right to add content.

Although users may freely access website content (images, audio, text, etc), they are forbidden from using it in any way or for any purpose (including copying, distribution, modification, public transmission, reuse or transfer) without the prior written permission of the Company. Using this content without permission may result in a violation of copyright or trademark law, and could infringe portrait or privacy rights. However, users are permitted to download some website content provided it is used for personal, non-business or home use. The Company cannot guarantee that using the website content in this manner will not infringe the rights of third-party copyright holders.

2. Use of Trademarks

Products names and servicemarks on this website are trademarks registered in Japan or trademarks used in Japan, which are possessed by the Company or published on this website with the right holder’s consent. Using those trademarks or registered trademarks without the prior consent of the Company or the right holder, or when these Website Use Terms and Conditions do not clearly allow use, is prohibited.

3. Content Disclaimer

Although the Company does its utmost to ensure all content on this website, including business forecasts, is accurate and up to date, it cannot guarantee the completeness of the information shown. The Company does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for mistakes in this information or errors in content added. In particular, users are warned that business forecasts may differ materially from actual performance due to a number of factors.

Further, the content on this website is provided without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of appropriateness, merchantability or non-infringement.

4. Liability Disclaimer

The user assumes all responsibility and risk for using or viewing this website. In no event shall the Company and those involved in the creation and provision of this website be liable for any damages whatsoever (direct or indirect damages, including faults with computers or network systems), or costs related to the repair of these damages, resulting from accessing content on this website.

5. Disclaimer of Endorsement to Purchase Securities

This website does not provide any endorsement or offer to buy shares, convertible bonds or other securities issued by the Company. The website content has not been created to provide investor advice for the purchase of securities issued by the Company or other companies.

6. Website Links

(1) Links to third-party sites

This website contains links to third-party sites, which are only provided for the convenience of users. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of these sites.

(2) Links from third-party sites

In principle, third-party sites are free to create links to this website. However, links should only be made to the website’s homepage ( The URL and the content of this website may be changed without prior warning.

Third-party site operators wishing to create links to other pages within this website should contact the Company using the address at the bottom of this page.

The Company may refuse to allow links to its website from third-party sites if they contain content that could damage the business activities or reputation of the Company (content deemed as being offensive to public order and morals, libelous or of a similar nature). Such third-party sites will be required to remove links to this website without any need for explanation by the Company.

The Company assumes no liability for third-party sites with links to this website.

7. Confidential Information Submitted by Users

This website is not intended as a means for users to submit confidential information (ideas, inventions, etc). Users should be aware that the Company assumes no responsibility for protecting confidential information sent to the Company via this site. However, the Company handles personal information provided by users in accordance with its separate website Privacy Policy.

8. Availability of Products and Services

The products and services shown on this website are not necessarily available in all countries and regions. Users wishing to purchase or use these products and services should contact the individual or company concerned.

9. Applicable Laws

Your use of this website shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Japan.

Any enquiries regarding the Website Use Terms and Conditions should be directed to the Company using the contact details below.

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