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Item listed in the “Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients”

1. What is WILSURF® EX?

Multiple-function composite of food additive activators

Economic efficiency,Cleaning power,100% food additive,Sterilization,Foam inducer,Easy to use

2. Applications

  1. Alcohol antiseptic: Enhances the antiseptic effect of alcohol and is suitable for low-concentration alcohol solution.
  2. Cleaners for kitchen instruments: Exhibits cleaning power and a foam-inducing property that no other food additive-based cleaner provides and is also recommended for professional-use cleaners.
  3. Cleaners for baby bottles and vegetables: Cleaning ingredients are food additives and therefore safe for cleaning items for babies.
  4. Kitchen cleaners: A child-safe, food additive-based activator suitable for cleaning or sterilizing kitchen tables or workspaces.
  5. Antiseptic agents for cosmetics: An antiseptic effect equivalent to that of 1,2-Octanediol and a foam-inducing property; also recommended for toiletry products.
  6. Hand soaps: Easily make rich foam and thoroughly wash and sterilize their hands.