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Item listed in the “Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients”

1. What is PARLEAM®?

Concept Million touch synthetic squalane
Hydrogenated polyisobutene
Hydrogenated polyisobutene

2. Features

  • High purity, so colorless and odorless, and also high preservation stability.
  • Seven types (3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 18-, 24-, 46-) available for creating various textures.
  • PARLEAM® 6 exhibits properties and textures similar to squalane.
  • PARLEAM® 4 exhibits high cleaning power suitable for cleansers.
  • PARLEAM® 3 is volatile, providing unique functions to formulations.
  • PARLEAM® 18, 24 and 46 have high viscosity, providing formulations with gloss and adhesion.

3. Applications

  1. Two-layer cleansers: Suitable for makeup cleansing.
  2. Cleansing liquids: Removes makeup thoroughly without bothering the skin.
  3. Sunscreens: Suitable for W/O, sunscreens.
  4. Emulsification: Provides high moisture-retaining and barrier functions.
  5. Skin creams: Generates highly moisturizing rich skin creams.
  6. Hair conditioners: Gives moisture and gloss to hair.