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Skin Cream

Emollient Cream Featuring WILBRIDE® CP-9

Phase NOF Ingredient Label Name %
A Water Water Remainder
Glycerine Glycerin 4.0
(pH adjuster, antiseptic agent, aroma chemical, etc.) As required
B WILBRIDE® CP-9 Poly (1,4-butandiole)-9-dipalmitate 4.0
PARLEAM® EX Hydrogenated isobutene 6.0
Wax Wax 1.0
NONION ST-60 Polysorbate 60 0.5
NONION SP-60RP pellet Sorbitan stearate 1.0
NONION S-40 PEG-75 stearate 0.5
NAA-44 Cetanol 6.0
NAA-45 Stearyl alcohol 4.0

Preparation Method

  1. Separately stir the phase-A ingredients and phase-B ingredients at 80°C until dissolved.
  2. Gradually add the phase-A mixture into the phase-B mixture and emulsify using a homomixer at 5,000 rpm for five minutes, and then cool the emulsion quickly.


  • Emollient cream has a rich but not smeary texture.
  • WILBRIDE® CP-9 is the key ingredient for a luxurious texture.
Despite our best efforts, this formula does not guarantee performance, safety, stability, or commercial property rights for your products.