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Penetration-enhancing Lotion Featuring WILBRIDE® S-753

Phase NOF Ingredient Label Name %
A WILBRIDE® S-753 PEG/PPG/Polybutylene glycol-8/5/3 3.0
MACBIOBRIDE® MG-10E Methyl gluceth-10 2.0
Glycerine Glycerin 5.0
Sodium PCA Sodium PCA 0.3
(pH adjuster, antiseptic agent, aroma chemical, etc.) As required
Ion exchange water Water Remainder

Preparation Method

  1. Stir all phase-A ingredients at room temperature until evenly dissolved.


  • WILBRIDE® S-753, a water-soluble emollient oil, gives transparent lotion that has an emulsion-moisturizer-like texture and moisturizing effect.
  • S-753 deepens the penetration of the lotion into the skin.
Despite our best efforts, this formula does not guarantee performance, safety, stability, or commercial property rights for your products.