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NOF’s Additives for Molding Ceramics and Metal Materials

NOF offers a diverse lineup of additives for molding ceramics and metal materials, such as dispersants, binders, plasticizers and adhesion improvers and defoamers.
NOF’s dispersants are used when formulating a slurry by mixing the raw material pigments of ceramics and metal materials in solvents. The dispersants added to the slurry will rapidly adsorb onto the pigments and provide a steric repulsion effect between particles, resulting in superior lubricating and dispersing properties.
In addition, the dispersants will prevent the re-aggregation of raw material pigments, realizing a dispersing system with superior long-term stability.
NOF’s binders are based on acrylic polymers and can be used for sheet forming and bulk molding with a variety of raw material pigments. The binders also have a good thermal decomposition property.
Our plasticizers and adhesion improvers contain no phthalates, which are restricted under the RoHS directive.
Their molecular designs demonstrate high compatibility with various binders for molding ceramics. Not only do they impart plasticity, but they also improve adhesion between sheets, which solves problems in the manufacturing process for multilayer ceramic products.

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NOF has just launched “Electronic Component Additive Info.,” a website on its additives for electronic components.

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