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Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

The NOF Group and all member companies have incorporated the following principles into our corporate philosophy. These principles clearly express our primary corporate philosophy of looking forward, working to strengthen Group unity, working together to continuously improve business performance, and putting into practice our fundamental policy of living harmoniously with society by making environmental protection and safety a priority.

1. Group Management Group management: the principle that management is pursued by the Group for the Group is an integral part of company culture.
2. Customer First The phrase “customer needs,” which expresses our belief that the customer comes first and is item number one.
3. The Environment and Safety Safe products and business operations that make environmental safety and society a priority.
4. Pursuit of Profits As a private, profit seeking enterprise, maintain an acceptable profit level and return profits to our stakeholders, which include our employees, shareholders, customers, and local communities.
5. Employee Development Constantly stress challenging and spurring our employees to greater achievement and support their desire for new challenges.

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