Corporate Philosophy / Values / Code of Conduct

Corporate Philosophy / Values / Code of Conduct

The NOF Group is dedicate to contributing to mankind and society through the creation of new value 'from the biosphere to outer space.'

[Corporate Philosophy]
The NOF Group continues to abide by its Corporate Philosophy, which charts a united path for enhancing business performance. In line with the group's business slogan, "from the biosphere to outer space," the philosophy envisions an environmentally-sound harmonious society with due consideration to safety. The revised Corporate Philosophy emphasizes the group's additional commitment to leveraging its edge in chemistry to bring prosperity to humanity and society.

Under the revised framework, the NOF Group emphasizes the three new Values with the objective of putting into practice the Corporate Philosophy. The intents behind the Values are as follows.

Challenge: We continue to grow into our best selves through collaboration and mutual inspiration, undauntedly adapt to new realities, and tirelessly pioneer new frontiers.

Fairness: As responsible members of society, we maintain high ethical standards, act in good faith, and cultivate a corporate culture that embraces diverse values.

Harmony: We join forces to build a sustainable future in harmony with the global environment while keeping in mind safety and mutual respect.

[Code of Conduct]
The Code of Conduct rooted in the Corporate Philosophy and Values defines the proper frame of mind to adopt for performing specific work tasks.