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Research & Development/Innovative Materials, Advanced Technologies. Create Cutting-edge technologies by developing new innovative materials.

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Business Overview

Today, the developments of IT and Information appliance are going to change our life style, and the technological innovations in the life science are trying to reach the sence of life.

In this "Time of remarkable technological innovation", there is a need for Chemical Materials that can adapt to "Change of technology".

Our R&D organization is comprised of the following nine Laboratories and the Corporate R&D division. Four laboratories are for supporting the core business units (Oleo & Speciality Chemicals, Functional Chemicals & Polymers, Explosives & Propulsion systems, Functional Foods). And, three laboratories are for the priority business areas (Life science, DDS) to specialize, and the remaining one is for Corporate R&D division that does not belong to any business units.

In order to correspond to “Time of remarkable technological innovation”, NOF is continuing challenging to develop new technologies and new products by taking the social needs of near future at the R&D laboratories of each business unit.

Corporate R&D division is responsible for planning the Corporate R&D strategies, and adjusting the cooperation between each business unit.

In addition, this division is responsible for developing "fundamental technologies" of innovative materials and advanced technologies which have wide applicability and impact on performance and productivity in the future.

Corporate R&D division is searching new materials and new technologies world-widely, and challenging to develop innovative materials and advanced technologies for the new era through cooperating within and outside.

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