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Petrochemical Products

Polyoxyalkylene-based Products

NOF supplies a wide variety of polyoxyalkylene-based compounds derived from alkylene oxides under the brand names UNIOL®, UNISAFE™, UNILUB®, DISFOAM and MACBIOBRIDE®. These products have been developed with specific functionalities, to meet the needs of users from a variety of different fields. The chemical structures of these products vary considerably, and the product range includes addition products of alkylene oxides to alcohols, alkylene oxides to amines, and alkylene oxides to carboxylic acids, as well as compounds in which the terminal hydroxyl groups have been capped.

Polyoxyalkylene-based compounds are used as raw materials in a range of electronic components


NOF developed MALIALIM® as a solid dispersant with enhanced functionality. MALIALIM® is a comb-shaped polymer surfactant comprising ionic groups on the principal chain and polyoxyalkylene groups on the graft chains. The ability to generate an oily compound or a water-soluble compound simply by altering the polarity of the graft chains is a unique feature of MALIALIM®. The ionic groups of the principal chain attach to solid surfaces, whereas the polyoxyalkylene groups of the graft chains provide a steric hindrance effect, while also ensuring favorable solubility in a variety of different solvents. MALIALIM® is used as a water reducing agent in concrete, and as a solid dispersant in the ceramics industry.

MALIALIM® improves the strength of concrete structures


This additive is widely used in pharmaceutical products as a stabilizer, moistening agent, ointment base, suppository base, and surface lubricating agent and coating for tablets. Manufacturing and quality control is based on the pharmaceutical additive GMP system (internal control standards), helping MACROGOL to achieve an excellent reputation for quality and a leading market share in Japan. In order to comply with overseas regulations, precipitated by globalization in the field, the manufacture and sale of MACROGOL is also carried out in line with the pharmacopoeia of Japan, the U.S. and Europe (tri-market compatibility). NOF offers this product in six versions: MACROGOL 400, 4000 and 6000 under the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and MACROGOL 300, 600, 1540 under the Pharmaceutical Additive Regulations Pharmacopoeia.

Allyl Ether

NOF manufactures polyoxyalkylene compounds with allyl radicals under the product names UNIOX®, UNILUB®, POLYCERIN and UNISAFE™. Using chemical structure design, NOF can adjust the volume of ethylene oxides, propylene oxides and other compounds contained in the base polyoxyalkylene ingredient to alter viscosity, water and oil solubility, and melting point to match the application of the end product. NOF also handles products where the hydroxyl terminal groups have been capped using methyl and butyl radicals. NOF products in this range are widely used as silicon modifiers and as plastic raw materials.


The brand name BLEMMER® describes a range of esters produced by reacting methacrylic acid or acrylic acid with a variety of different alcohols. These esters are used as polymerizable monomers in a wide variety of products, including paints, adhesives, improvers for resin and rubber, reactive emulsifiers, and binders. The BLEMMER® product range includes not only alkyl (meth)acrylates, but also functional monomers containing a hydroxyl group, glycidyl (meth)acrylates containing a glycidyl group,polyoxyalkylene glycol mono(meth)acrylates, and polyoxyalkylene glycol di(meth)acrylates, with the final product composition depending on the alcohol used in the esterification process. NOF also manufactures BLEMMER® copolymers.

BLEMMER® is used as a raw material in a variety of electronic components


NOF manufactures ether compounds containing a glycidyl group under the brand name EPIOL. The product range includes alkyl glycidyl ethers, phenyl glycidyl ether, polyoxyethylene glycol glycidyl ether, and the glycidyl ether of neopentyl polyol.

EPIOL is used as a functional polymer in many plastics