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Functional Foods/Creating Wider Choice of Tasty and Healthy Food Products

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Business Overview

The Functional Foods Division has always been a pioneer in the innovations in edible oils and fats re-fining and processing techniques since it was established in 1917. At present, it is expanding its business areas such as processing oils and fats for food and the health related business.

The processing of oils and fats for food contributes widely to the food industry by striving for the development of products in pursuit of deliciousness based on the technologies cultivated as a pioneer of processing oils and fats such as margarine, shortening, refined fat for confectionery use, depanning oil, filling and topping materials, powder oils and fats, and materials for cooking and frozen foods.

The health related business has developed one new product after another such as functional lipids, emulsifying and nano-emulsion products, oils and fats coating products while striving for steady researches to provide the society with health.

The Functional Foods Division will supply products which can contribute to the society by enriching people's "food culture" step by step, tasty and healthy.

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