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Explosives & Proplusion/Taking on the Challenges of the Future With Cutting-edge Pyrotechnology

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Business Overview

The explosives and propulsion business has created highly functional product lines with excellent R&D activity and production expertise and application technology with the highest priority of safety, and provided them since the explosives business commenced at NOF CORPORATION in 1919.

At present, the NOF Group, as a rare general explosives maker in the world, establishes a firm business foundation and expands the businesses for explosives for industrial use, explosives for defense and space development use, and articles for the public welfare.

The business for explosives for industrial use contributes to national land development including boring tunnels with emulsion explosives, electric detonators, and remote controlled blasting devices.

The business for propellants for defense and space development use contributes to national defense and space development by supplying highly efficient products in full use of up-to-date technology such as gunpowder, gun bullets, solid propellants for rockets, and blasting devices.

In addition, the business for articles for the public welfare contributes widely to the society by supplying products to various areas related to daily lives such as marine equipment, thermal indicator materials, sterilizing materials, pharmaceutical materials, and crime prevention devices.

In the future as well as in the present, the Group will challenge the future by making full use of the up-to-date pyrotechnics (blasting device technology).

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