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Cells are the smallest units constituting a living body and engage in diverse activities to sustain the life. The cells must be in coordination with each other to fulfill their specific roles and maintain their morphology. The cell membrane is the key structure that controls cellular coordination. NOF Corporation has investigated the structure of the cell membrane (biomembrane), which is bilayer of lipids, and commercialized LIPIDURE®, a water-soluble polymer of 2-methacryloyloxy ethyl phosphorylcholine (MPC). MPC has the same structure as the phosphatidylcholine polar bases that form the cell membrane (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Cell Membrane Structure and 2-methacryloyloxy ethyl phosphorylcholine

(Figure 1: Cell Membrane Structure and 2-methacryloyloxy ethyl phosphorylcholine)

At present, medical treatment using implants requires drugs to control the defensive immune reactions of the living body. The side effects caused by taking these drugs over a long period can cause severe problems.

LIPIDURE® forms a membrane structure on the surface with excellent anti-thrombus results by controlling the adhesiveness of blood platelets.

photo1: Anti-thrombus

(Photo 1: Anti-thrombus)

photo2: Coating Model

(Figure 2: Coating Model)

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