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Advanced Polymer


To keep skin healthy and beautiful, its surface needs to be covered by substances that keep it supple, soft and smooth, which rely on the moisture level of the keratinous layer, on the outermost part of the skin. Thanks to its excellent moisture retention, skin protection, skin disorder prevention and other characteristics, MPC polymer (product name: LIPIDURE®) is used in a wide range of cosmetic products in the skincare, haircare, makeup and other fields.



Cosmetic ingredient
Ceracute® is NOF's original polymer which has been designed to imitate natural Ceramide which is one of main components of intercellular lipid. It shows a good affinity to skin thanks to the similarity in the natural Ceramide structure, and also has an excellent anti-ageing property which does not exist in natural Ceramide.

· For skin care
Ceracute® lifts up wrinkle and improves skin elasticity effectively thanks to the fine polymer network structure formed on the surface of the skin. Also, Ceracute® does not give strained feeling like conventional film formers, but provides natural feeling to skin.

· For hair care
Ceracute® volumizes aged or damaged hair because not only its elastic film is formed on the surface of the hair, but it permeates inside of hair fiver and restores the inside structure. Also, the hair treated with Ceracute® does not show stiffness but natural texture.

The chemical structure of Ceramide 2 and Ceracute®

Crick each product, then its detail can be broused
Ceracute®-F, L (For skin care)
Ceracute®-V (For hair care)


A saturated branched hydrocarbon and highly safe oil-based polymer. Colorless, odorless and tasteless, making it compatible with materials used in perfumes, cosmetics, other makeup products and sanitary products. Chemically inert and comparatively stable when exposed to light and oxidation.

The base oil for skin cream, hair cream, cleansing cream, lipstick, conditioners and other cosmetics products