Product information



DIAPON® is a low-irritant anionic surfactant developed by NOF to be particularly soft on the skin. DIAPON®, which is based on a vegetable oil-derived fatty acid, has been proven to display significantly lower irritation levels in a number of different safety tests. And because it also produces favorable foaming across a wide pH range, it is widely used in shampoo, facial cleansing foam, hand soap, and body liquid soap.

DIAPON®K is a sodium vegetable fatty acid acylmethyltaurate. In order to facilitate easier incorporation of this product into toiletries such as shampoo, and improve the resulting product stability, NOF also manufactures DIAPON®K-SF, in which the sodium chloride concentration of the DIAPON®K product has been dramatically reduced. NOF also supplies DIAPON®K-MG, which provides even better foaming and even lower irritancy.


The PERSOFT series is a range of alkyl sulfate and alkylether sulfate based on alcohols from natural oils and fats. These sulfates display excellent biodegradability, and are widely used as anionic surfactants. The PERSOFT series includes both alkyl sulfates and polyoxyethylene alkyl sulfates, and the product range incorporates a variety of different alkyl group, including high-purity lauryl group, a mixture of lauryl group and myristyl group, a mixture of fatty acid group from lauryl groups through to stearyl group, and coconut alkyl group.

PERSOFT products are manufactured using either sodium or triethanolamine as the counter ion for forming the sulfate. The products of the PERSOFT series are used in many different fields. They are widely used as cleaning agents, not only in household products such as clothing detergent and shampoo, but also in industrial applications such as metal working and leather manufacture. They are also used as refining agents and dyeing auxiliaries in the textile industry, as dispersants in both the pulp and paper industry and the cement manufacturing industry, and as emulsifiers and emulsion polymerization emulsifiers in the chemical industry.


The NISSANCATION® range of aliphatic amine derivatives includes cationic surfactants based on both quaternary ammonium salts and aliphatic amine acetates.

Examples of the quaternary ammonium-based cationic surfactants include alkyl trimethyl ammonium salts and alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium salts, and the product range incorporates a variety of different alkyl group, including high-purity lauryl group, coconut alkyl group, palmityl group, stearyl group, tallow alkyl group and behenyl group. These cationic surfactants are used as disinfectants, algaecides, dispersants, coagulants, antistatic agents, softening agents, and rinse agents.

The aliphatic amine acetates include the acetates of both lauryl amine and stearyl amine, and potential applications for these products include Anti-Corrosion agents, disinfectants, algaecides, powder coatings, and antistatic agents.

NISSANCATION® helps to make clothes more fluffy after washing


NISSANANON® is the brand name for NOF's range of amphoteric surfactants, and includes betaine-based products, carboxymethylamine-based products, and imidazolinium products.

The betaine-based amphoteric surfactants include lauryl dimethyl betaine, which is marketed under the brand name NISSANANON®BL, as well as fatty acid amidopropyl betaine-based amphoteric surfactants such as NISSANANON®BDL, which is derived from lauric acid, and NISSANANON®BDF, which is derived from vegetable fatty acid.

The carboxymethylamine-based amphoteric surfactants contain lauryl aminodiacetate, and are marketed under the brand names NISSANANON®LA and NISSANANON®LG. The imidazolinium-based amphoteric surfactant product is marketed as NISSANANON®GLM. These amphoteric surfactants are used as the base surfactants within shampoo and body liquid soap, and are also used as antistatic agents, softening agents, disinfectants and antiseptics. ® NOF also manufactures NISSANANON®BL- BL-SF and NISSANANON® BDF-SF, versions of NISSANANON® containing significantly less sodium chloride. The level of sodium chloride was reduced to make the formulation of shampoo and other cosmetics products easier, as well as improve their stability.


The non-ionic surfactants of the NONION® range are classified into one of four different product categories: sorbitan esters, polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters, glycerol esters, and polyoxyalkylene alkyl ethers.

The fatty acids that are subjected to esterification to produce the sorbitan esters include lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid, and by varying the degree of esterification, the product range also includes monoesters, sesquiesters and trimesters. Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate is also part of the NONION® product range.

The glycerol ester-based NONION® products include the monoglycerides of lauric acid and stearic acid.

NOF also manufactures a variety of polyoxyalkylene alkyl ethers, produced by adding an alkylene oxide to an aliphatic alcohol, and our range includes products suited to any HLB value.

NONION® is widely used as a food emulsifier


STAFOAM is the brand name for the range of alkanolamides, derived from natural fatty acids and alkanolamines, supplied by NOF. The range includes products that use lauric acid, coconut fatty acid or oleic acid as the fatty acid raw material, and monoethanolamine, diethanolamine or isopropanolamine as the basic alkanolamine ingredient.

STAFOAM helps to create fine and rich foams