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Margarine was invented as a butter substitute. Since it is an oil-based product that can provide a flavor and physical properties that match the characteristics of a wide range of foods, its demand grew as dietary diversity increased. It is made with animal and vegetable fats and oils , water, and flavoring materials.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
DELICIOUS® BUTTER BLENDMargarine with a high butter content. Butter and milk fat provide a rich aroma and a full-bodied aftertaste.Kneading into confection or bread dough
AMBITION® BULK MARGARINEAll-purpose, 100% vegetable-oil margarine. A rich aroma and taste of natural butter after baking further highlights the flavor of confections and bread.Kneading into confection or bread dough
RWAJAL® CF40A rich aroma and full-bodied taste of butter remain after baking. Its suppleness and stretching properties make it easy to work with.Layered with confection or bread dough
TABLE*Easy-to-use margarine for cooking and as a spread that provides a mild butter flavor and easy spreading.For cooking and as a spread

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Shortening is an oil-based product that differs from margarine by not containing water or flavorings. It is primarily used in confection and bread production.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
CANARY EIGHT®In addition to mixing it into dough for fancy confections, this product can be mixed with fresh butter, a liquor or a syrup to be used as high-quality butter cream.Kneading into confection or bread dough For butter cream or cookie fillings
DUCK®Popular shortening designed to be kneaded into confection and bread dough. It provides excellent functionality to achieving its purpose and flavor stability.Confection and bread production

Functional oils for bread baking

These oils, designed to be kneaded into bread dough, take advantage of the qualities the enzymes and emulsifiers they contain to keep bread soft for a long time and enhance its volume and texture.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
CRUMB SOFT® SKWith a powerful antioxidizing effect, this product helps bread maintain its softness for an extended time. It keeps chilled bread moist and soft. It also maintains the softness of bread that contains raisins or walnuts, which can easily become hard or dry.Kneading into bread dough
BREADY® SAThis product has an excellent texture-enhancement effect. It creates a light, flaky texture and allows bread to melt pleasantly in the mouth. It also suppresses chewiness and wrinkles caused by microwaving, and is recommended for hot dog buns and stuffed bread.Kneading into bread dough
VO SHORTWith our unique enzyme application technique, this product increases dough volume by sealing gas in the dough. It allows production of good-quality gluten to achieve fine-textured soft bread, and is emulsifier-free.Kneading into bread dough

Confectionary oil

Oils are very effective for improving the flavors and textures of confections and cake. Confectionary oils have been developed to facilitate even and easy mixing of oils when creating confection and cake dough.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
SUNSHORT®Vegetable oil-based fluid shortening with excellent foaming capabilities. It allows production of melt-in-the-mouth cake that stays fresh for a long time.Kneading into confection dough
ALOUETTE®Able to foam well fast, this product enables you to produce spongy, melt-in-the-mouth cake.Kneading into confection dough
SUNCHIFFONA fluid emulsion developed exclusively for chiffon cake. This product slows down the collapse of oil bubbles in the dough meringue. Its light taste brings out the flavor of other ingredients.Kneading into confection dough

Depanning oil

It makes it easier to remove confections, cake, and bread from molds.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
RIKEIYU PAn economical fluid depanning oil with high oxidation stability. It is designed to be sprayed on multi-process bread production lines.Bread production
DIVIDER OILWith its high oxidation stability achieved by advanced oil-processing techniques, DIVIDER OIL, designed exclusively for dividers, has high affinity with dividers and excellent usability.Bread production

Fillings and toppings

Fillings and toppings are used in a wide variety of food such as confections, cake, and bread. Using oils and flavoring materials together is a powerful way to produce the desired food effect.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
COMPOTE® This topping is designed for the bread-baking process and leaves a wonderful savory flavor when sprinkled on bread dough. The product series offers a wide variety of flavored toppings.Bread production

Oil and fat powders

Oil and fat powders are made by first emulsifying the base oil or fat by a special method and then spray-drying it. In this process, the oil or fat becomes fine particles that are coated with a coating agent. This gives the particles various properties that natural oils and fats cannot achieve. Oil and fat powders are used in confection and bread production as well as in instant foods.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
N-NEOPOWDER®An oil powder completely enveloped by a film made in a special production technique, it has excellent oxidation and heat stability.Kneading into confection dough, and used in instant and processed foods

Ingredients for precooked frozen food

How the oil is used is the key to enhancing the palatability of precooked foods. For this reason, oil is powdered or emulsified to achieve ease of use and fulfil its intended use.

Product nameFeaturesMain use
White Sauce BaseCream designed for use in precooked frozen food. Its features include resistance to darkening during the heat sterilization process. Dilute by two to three times with water and use it as milk or condensed milk.Precooked frozen food
PL-100This product is an emulsified lard for a pickling solution to be used with processed pork products such as pork cutlets. It remains fluid under refrigeration and is therefore easy to inject into meat.Precooked frozen food