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Antifreezing Agent KAMAGU®

In the past, agents used to prevent road freezing were primarily salt, calcium chloride or combinations of these materials. However, these materials caused a number of problems including a negative impact on living organisms such as plants, corrosion of metal components on vehicles, and a reduction in the useful life of bridges and concrete structures. At the same time, studless tires have become more common, leading to extremely slippery mirror-like road surfaces.

Antifreezing Agent KAMAGU
Antifreezing Agent KAMAGU®

This has led to a rapid increase in the number of skidding accidents and falls by pedestrians. With the aim of improving winter road conditions, HOKKAIDO NOF CORPORATION has developed series of road antifreezing agents KAMAGU. Because KAMAGU contain no chloride derivatives, they are friendly to the environment. KAMAGU has immediate impact on road conditions and its effect is long-lasting.

KAMAGU Automatic Dispensing System (AUTOKAMAGU®)

AUTOKAMAGU® has been developed to automatically dispense KAMAGU, environmentally friendly antifreezing agent for roads. Used together, these products help to neutralize the dangers of slippery winter roads.

Using data gathered from a sensor control system, AUTOKAMAGU® automatically dispenses KAMAGU from nozzles implanted on the road surface. Vehicles repeatedly passing over the nozzles carry the antifreezing agent to areas in front of the dispensing area, ensuring a longer lasting effect on the road surface.

KAMAGU Jet Dispensing System (AUTOKAMAGU® Jet)

This is an improved version of the AUTOKAMAGU® system. With this system, nozzles set on the road side dispense jets of KAMAGU antifreezing agent onto the road surface. This approach removes the need for nozzles mounted in the middle of the road, thereby reducing construction time and cost. This system delivers the same benefits to road users as the AUTOKAMAGU® system.

KAMAGU Jet Dispensing System(AUTOKAMAGU® Jet)

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