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Solid Propellant and pyrotechnics for Rockets

Rocket propellant is composed of fuel and oxidants to maintain its combustion in space. NOF develops and produces various types of solid propellant, while NiGK Corporation develops and makes pyrotechnic components used for ignition and stage separation.

NiGK Corporation

H3 rocket launch
(Photo courtesy of JAXA)

NOF supplies large-size high-performant solid propellant for H3 rocket boosters

NOF has provided solid propellant for all Japanese rockets, stretching back to 1955 when “pencil rocket” was developed. As rockets grew in size, they required propellant giving higher performance. In response, NOF has carried out research and development of new type of propellants and introduced new and improved manufacturing technologies, production facilities and equipment to ensure the reliability of its products. At present, NOF's Taketoyo Plant in Aichi Prefecture manufactures weather observation rockets and engages in development work of the Epsilon rockets to launch a small satellite. While, its Tanegashima Works in Kagoshima Prefecture produces the SRB-A solid rocket booster propellant of H-IIA and H-IIB rockets for launching large satellites with the world's largest solid propellant mixer.

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S-310 and S-520 rockets
SRB-A of H-IIA and H-IIB rockets
Igniters used for all types of rockets