Metal Coatings

Striving to Create Environmentally
Friendly Surface Treatment

Business Overview

The Metal Coatings Group has accumulated the most advanced surface treatment technologies with the core of highly original techniques for anti-corrosion agents to become a global de facto standard of the anti-corrosion for automotive parts.
At present, this Group has built a global network covered by NOF METAL COATINGS ASIA PACIFIC CO., LTD. which conduct businesses in Japan and Asia/Pacific Region, by NOF METAL COATINGS NORTH AMERICA INC. in U.S., and by NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE S.A. (a French company) in Europe to supply anti-corrosion agents to automotive production bases worldwide.
In the future as well, this Group, giving the top priority to environmentally friendly surface treatment, will develop highly functional products and improve anticorrosion technologies.

Business Locations・Group Company

The anti-corrosion coatings business is developing its business with 10 group companies in Japan and overseas.