ESLEAM™ AD series

1. What is ESLEAM™ AD series ?

ESLEAM™ AD series is the comb type functional polymers with the affinitive units to pigment surface and solvents respectively.

ESLEAM™ AD series shows excellent dispersing property especially for fine pigments by optimizing the structure of the following two units, the affinitive unit to adsorb to pigment surface, and the one to give control of solubility in various solvents and steric repulsion effect.

Chemical structure of ESLEAM™ AD series (Image)
Chemical structure of ESLEAM™ AD series (Image)

2. Property

3. Applicable Pigments

Inorganic pigment Particle size Solvent
  • Metals
  • <1μm
  • Water
  • Organic solvents

Technical detail


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