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Action Plan

CSR Activity Plan for 2018

Category of CSR Activity Plan for 2018
1. Governance Compliance Develop country-specific Compliance Manuals
Promote compliance education
Utilize the whistle-blowing system
Business continuity Promote the business continuity plan
RC management Promote Group RC activities
Audit the RC activities of consolidated subsidiaries
2. Respect for Individuals Work-life balance Encourage employees to take their annual paid leave
Support employees with child care or nursing care responsibilities
Better performance of human resources Utilize the reemployment system
Employ people with disabilities
Talent development Support employees’ self-enlightenment efforts
Promote training at the organizational level, and regarding specific issues
Encourage employees to obtain official qualifications
Safety education Conduct RC education
Conduct labor safety, environmental safety, plant safety, product safety and transportation safety education
3. RC Activities Environmental safety Promote activities aimed at achieving mid- to long-term environmental targets
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Maintain Zero Emissions
Reduce chemical emission volumes
Promote biodiversity-friendly activities
Labor safety Reinforce efforts toward zero accidents
Plant safety Ensure stable operation
Product safety Promote proper management of chemicals
Transportation safety Promote safe transportation
4. Coexistence and Co-prosperity Fair trade Continue engaging in fair trade
Promote CSR-based procurement
Information disclosure Continue performing timely and appropriate disclosure of fair, unbiased information
Hold performance briefings
Publish CSR reports
Dialogue activities Promote dialogue activities with the community
Socially beneficial activities Promote social contribution activities

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