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R&D Sites

Research lab R&D fields and role of research support departments

Corporate R&D Division
Responsible for seeking out new business opportunities, this division actively carries out innovative research activities by searching the world for cutting-edge technologies and fusing them with the unique technical resources of the NOF Group.

Intellectual Property Department
Strategically supporting R&D and sales activities by protecting and utilizing NOF Group intellectual property such as patents and trademarks.

Advanced Technology Research Lab. Advanced Technology Research Lab.
Advanced Technology Lab. is located in the Tsukuba Research Center.This laboratory is involved in long-range research focusing on pharmaceuticals, functional materials and fine polymers. It also aggressively carries out wide-ranging joint research activities, exchanging information and technology with internal and external research groups and working with partners in other industries.

Oleo&Speciality Chemicals Research Lab. 
(Oleo & Speciality Chemicals Division)Oleo&Speciality Chemicals Research Lab. (Oleo & Speciality Chemicals Division)
Focusing on application researches mainly for oils and fats and their derivatives, surfactants, macromolecules, the Oleo & Speciality Chemicals Research Laboratory is approaching from various angles and developing speciality products in the fields including resource, environment, energy, healthcare, information and electronics.

Functional Chemicals & Polymers Research Lab.
(Functional Chemicals & Polymers Division)Functional Chemicals & Polymers Research Lab. (Functional Chemicals & Polymers Division)
In this laboratory, we are developing novel high performance polymers and advanced materials which the technologies from synthesis, analytical, and evaluation of organic peroxides.

R&D Department (Explosives & Propulsion Systems Division)R&D Department (Explosives & Propulsion Systems Division)
This facility carries out research into gunpowder, explosives, propellants and other products while exploring the possibilities of new technologies and fields. The laboratory is also building a network of overseas partners to take advantage of future globalization in the industry. The Kamioka Branch Office, which uses a tunnel design to lessen the impact of the site on the surrounding environment, plays a vital role in the laboratory’s testing operations.

Functional Foods Research Lab. (Functional Food Division)Functional Foods Research Lab. (Functional Food Division)
This facility possesses expertise and technology in a range of areas including the application of emulsifiers, multiple emulsifiers, solubilizers and enzymes used in bread making; microencapsulation; and functional lipids such as DHA, linolenic acid and phospholipids. Underpinned by these capabilities, the Food Research Laboratory develops processed edible oils and fats such as margarine, shortening and powdered varieties, as well as functional food products and enteral nutritional supplements.

Life Science Research Lab.(Life Science Products Division) Life Science Research Lab.(Life Science Products Division)
Based on MPC polymer which is core biocompatible material, this laboratory engages in research and development to apply its polymer for medical products regarding eye-care, skin-care, oral-care, medical devices, or diagnostics.

DDS Research Lab. (DDS Development Division)DDS Research Lab. (DDS Development Division)
This laboratory engages in research and development to apply advanced technologies, as well as PEG derivatives, phospholipids, and novel DDS materials in the field of DDS.

Display Materials Researcy Lab. (Display Materials Division)Display Materials Research Lab. (Display Materials Division)
Developing display materials-related products embodying the foremost of NOF's technology.

Nippon Koki Co., Ltd., Shirakawa Plant (Explosives & Propulsion Systems Division)Nippon Koki Co., Ltd., Shirakawa Plant, R&D Department
This site is primarily focused on R&D pertaining to defense-related equipment. However, leveraging its high-precision technologies and expertise accumulated over many years, the Shirakawa Plant is also carrying out the development of new products in fields such as industrial explosives and industrial high-precision products, as it seeks to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries.

NiGK Corporation R&D DepartmentNiGK Corporation R&D Department
By skillfully utilizing its base of existing technologies or combining them with new technologies, and with an R&D Expenses that enables activities beyond its immediate field of specialization, this site is capable of creating numerous products in the chemical, electrical, mechanical, control and processing fields.

Opens in new windowNiGK Corporation

Involved in the development of corrosion prevention agents for automotive components and other products, the Technical Section led the industry with the launch of a high-quality chrome-free corrosion prevention agent.


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