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Oleo & Speciality Chemicals CATALOGUE

LIPIDURE® Cosmetic Ingredients


Business Overview

NOF’s Oleo & Speciality Chemicals Business has been a pioneering leader in Japan since NOF established its oils and fats operations in 1910.

In addition to supplying a range of products in the oleochemical field such as fatty acids, fatty acid derivatives and surfactants, this business has also developed an array of functional products in the petrochemical field based on alkylene oxide derivatives, (meta) acrylic acid ester and other compounds. NOF supplies these products to rapidly growing areas driven by technological innovation in the environmental, energy, IT, electronics and consumer goods fields.

Going forward, this business will work to derive even greater opportunities from oils and fats—materials with both a venerable past and an exciting future. And, leveraging its base of proprietary technologies built up over many years, the Oleo & Speciality Chemicals Business will develop new highly functional products for a wide range of oleochemical and petrochemical applications, enhancing its presence as an important player in cutting-edge growth fields.

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