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Life Science Products

Product Information

MPC Biocompatible Material

Contact Lens Care Materials (Biocompatible materials)
Using MPC, NOF has developed an enzyme-based all-in-one cleaning and storage solution for hard contact lenses. NOF supplies this product to a number of contact lens manufacturers. The MPC polymer is vital to the excellent cleaning performance of the solution because it stabilizes the enzyme that breaks down the protein deposits on dirty lenses. Because MPC polymer is soft to the eyes and also prevent dry eyes, the solution has won recognition in the eyecare field as a groundbreaking product.

Textile Processing Agents (Biocompatible materials)
Increasingly many people are recently experiencing skin problems. As textiles become more functional, products that incorporate skincare characteristics are attracting attention. Because MPC polymer enhances the protective functions of the skin’s keratinous layer, MPC is effective to reduce skin irritation and improve the skin’s barrier properties. Taking advantage of these functions, MPC polymer can be incorporated into textiles to create clothes that are kind to the skin. Other benefits derived from using MPC polymer for clothes include better fabric breathability, and improved antistatic and antistain characteristics.

MF Series Anion Excellent gelling functions, self-organizing hydrogel layer formation, water absorption and hydroscopic properties; for general use
AF Series Anion Excellent hydroscopic properties, strong antistatic hydrogel layer formation; ideal for use in synthetic textiles such as polyester
CF Series Cation Good sorbability, self-organizing hydrogel layer formation; ideal for use in nylon and cotton fabrics
NS Series Nonion High flexibility, encapsulation of key components in polymer nano dispersion, formation of lamellar structure through rearrangement of molecular chain; ideal for use in nylon and cotton fabrics
Undergarment toner   Soft, flexible, kind to the skin; applied on the surface of clothes to restore the damaged skin.

Opens in new windowLIPIDURE®

Medical Device Coating Materials (Biocompatible materials)
Medical professionals need medical devices and artificial organs that cause no blood clotting. Coating medical devices with MPC polymer prevents blood platelets and other protein-based substances from adhering to the surfaces of these devices. As a result, MPC polymer is becoming increasingly popular as a blood clot prevention coating for medical devices such as machines for treating dialysis and catheters.

Lipidure®-CM (Biocompatible Coatings)

Biolipidure® enhances sensitivity of immunoassays, as well as acting as a blocking agent and stabilizer in a wide range of applications. It is a wholely synthetic biocompatible polymer having phospholipid polar groups so it is stable at high temperature and over multiple freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, it does not require biohazardous handling and eliminates lot-to-lot variations.

Precise synthesis enables us to offer a range of Biolipidure® reagents so researchers can select the one that produces the optimal results in an assay. We offer variations with different molecular weights, hydrophilic-hydrophobic ratios, and ionic properties. Each of these differences produces Biolipidure® agents with slight variations in function. Once a particular Biolipidure® is identified, you have the confidence of using the exactly the same precisely synthesized reagent to obtain exactly the same results every time the assay is run.

Biolipidure® (Additive for Diagnostic Reagents)

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