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Life Science Products

Product Information

MPC monomer (biocompatible material)

MPC (2-methacryroyloxyethylphosphorylcholine)

MPC (2-Methacryloyloxyethylphosphorylcholine) monomer has a polymerizable structure that is similar to the human cell membrane and it is a remarkable, new biocompatible material that has a high compatibility with living organs and tissues. NOF became the first company in the world to build a commercial plant capable of producing such MPC monomers and LIPIDURE® (polymers).

MPC is a polymerizable compound (monomer) and NOF has developed the LIPIDURE® series as products related to MPC monomer.

The advantages of LIPIDURE® in each field are shown below.

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Products for eye care

NOF has developed an enzyme-based, all-in-one cleaning and storage solution containing LIPIDURE® for hard contact lenses that can be handled easily and supplies this product to a number of contact lens manufacturers.
LIPIDURE® stabilizes the enzyme that breaks down the protein deposits on dirty lenses, giving the solution its excellent cleaning property.

Contact lenses washed with LIPIDURE® are comfortable to wear and the LIPIDURE® solution also prevents dry eyes, making it a remarkable product that is highly attracts the attention in the eye care field.

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Products for oral care and topical use

In addition to being tasteless and odorless, LIPIDURE® can also suppress bitterness. Furthermore, LIPIDURE® has the ability to prevent the adhesion of bacteria that cause dental caries and can protect mucosal cell from the toxicity of periodontal disease bacteria.
These characteristics make LIPIDURE® the perfect material to include in oral care products such as mouth wash.
Since LIPIDURE® has an excellent moisturizing effect and the ability to protect the skin from irritants, it is also used in products applied directly to the skin.

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Medical device products

LIPIDURE® is a biocompatible material with high functionality that was developed based on the cell membrane composing the human body.

Coating a medical device with LIPIDURE® makes it biocompatible.

Characteristics of LIPIDURE® for Medical Devices
  • Forming a biocompatible surface with high functionality
  • Forming a surface that suppresses blood components, protein and cell adsorption
  • Forming a surface that suppresses protein denaturation and cell activation
  • Forming a surface that is hydrophilic and is highly lubricious
  • Forming a surface that is appropriate for floating culture and the formation of spheroid (cell aggregate)
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Coated the screws inside an artificial heart with LIPIDURE<sup>®</sup>
Source: Data from Prof. Yamazaki of Tokyo Womens Medical University and Sun Medical Technology Research Corp.

Diagnostic reagents

BIOLIPIDURE® series are a new type of additives for diagnostic reagents made from MPC monomer containing a phosphorylcholine group, which in turn contains a polar group of phospholipid.
Since the phosphorylcholine group has a structure similar to the polar group of phospholipids composing the cell membrane, BIOLIPIDURE® can suppress protein adsorption and protein denaturation well.
These properties can also promote enzyme reaction and antigen-antibody reaction.
BIOLIPIDURE® can be used as additives and diluent of diagnostic reagents, sample diluent, and third reagents. With BIOLIPIDURE®, it is possible to suppress the carryover effect of reagent ingredients and sample ingredients (suppress non-specific adsorption), stabilize protein, promote reactions (sensitizing effect), and improve the ratio adjustment and dispersion of microparticles.
BIOLIPIDURE® series is a wholly synthesized macromolecule, so it is free from biohazard risk and has little lot-to-lot variations.

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Oxidative stress antibody products

Many diseases related to aging such as arterial sclerosis, cancer and diabetes are believed to arise from oxidative stress.
NOF currently supplies the following antibody products: genetic stress marker anti-8-OHdG, lipid stress markers anti-acrolein (ACR), anti-malondialdehyde (MDA), anti-crotonaldehyde (CRA), and sugar stress marker anti-methylglyoxal (MG). These markers are employed in the research of age-related diseases and lifestyle-related disorders, and are also expected to play a part in the development of foods that help control harmful active oxygen in the body, or anti-aging oxidants.

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