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Functional Foods

Product Information

Edible Oils

Margarine was developed as a substitute for butter. Subsequently, demand for margarine grew in tandem with the growing diversification of food, primarily thanks to its characteristics as an oil-based product with flavor and other properties suited to a wide range of food.
Margarine can be made with vegetable or animal oil, or augmented with water, flavoring or vitamins.

Product name DELICIOUS Compound
Characteristics DELICIOUS® Compound is a top-quality blended margarine made from carefully selected good-quality butter. It realizes the perfect balance between the flavor of milk fat and the advanced functionality of margarine.
Main uses Breads and confectionary, pies and Danish pastries.

Product name EMU
Characteristics An all-purpose easy-to-use margarine. Imbued with the actual flavor and richness of butter, it enhances the taste of and adds zest to confectionary and breads.
Main uses Breads and confectioneries

Product name LAVENDER
Characteristics The action of enzymes in LAVENDER® result in a long-lasting softness, enabling the production of succulently baked “melt-in-the-mouth” bread.
Main uses Breads

Product name RWAJAL CF40
Characteristics Generously blended from carefully selected butters, and retaining its natural aroma and full flavor after baking, this compound-type roll-in margarine combines excellent plasticity and firmness during the folding and sheeting processes.
Main uses Folding into pies and Danish pastries

Product name TABLE*
Characteristics With its mild buttery flavor and superior spreadability, this margarine is employed in easy-to-use spreads and cooking.
Main uses Cooking and spreads
*Licensed from Kyodo Milk Industry Co.,Ltd.

Shortening is different to margarine because it does not include water or flavoring. Shortening is mainly used in making breads and confectionary.

Product name CANARY EIGHT
Characteristics CANARY EIGHT® is a top-quality shortening made from 100% cottonseed oil. Its light taste brings out the full flavor of ingredients, and it is also extremely easy-to-use.
Main uses Breads and confectionary

Product name DUCK
Characteristics This popular type of shortening with excellent flavor stability and other properties is used for breads and confectionary.
Main uses Breads and confectionary

Confectionary oils
Oils are extremely effective for improving the flavor and texture of cakes. Confectionary oils were developed to enable the oil to be easily mixed into cake batter during production.

Product name SUNSHORT
Characteristics This fluid shortening made from pure vegetable oil has excellent leavening characteristics. SUNSHORT® enables the production of “melt-in-the-mouth” cakes that maintain their freshness over time.
Main uses Cakes

Product name ALOUETTE
Characteristics With its superior aeration speed and leavening characteristics, ALOUETTE® enables the production of “melt-in-the-mouth,” deliciously textured spongy cakes.
Main uses Cakes

Product name SUNCHIFFON
Characteristics SUNCHIFFON is a water in oil emulsion developed for chiffon cakes. Used in the batter for chiffon cakes, this product reduces the tendency of oil to eliminate meringue’s air bubbles. With its light taste, SUNCHIFFON brings out the flavors of the other ingredients.
Main uses Cakes

Depanning oil
Depanning oil is used to facilitate the removal of cakes, confectionary and breads from their moulds after baking.

Product name RIKEIYU P
Characteristics RIKEIYU P™ is an economical liquid depanning oil with high oxidation stability used in spray equipment on bread production lines.
Main uses Bread manufacturing

Product name DIVIDER OIL
Characteristics With its high oxidation stability derived from advanced oil processing techniques, DIVIDER OIL is a specialist, usable oil ideal for use with dividers.
Main uses Bread manufacturing

Fillings and Toppings
Fillings and toppings have a variety of uses in confectionary, cakes and breads. They can add attractive flavors and enhance the deliciousness of foods.

Product name COMPOTE
Characteristics A topping ingredient used for breads. It is applied to the bread dough before baking, leaving an attractive finish and flavor. There are a number of different flavored toppings in the COMPOTE® series
Main uses Breads

Oil and fat powders
Oil and fat powders are made by applying a special technique that first emulsifies and then spray-dries the selected oil and fat.
With this technique, the oil and fat is transformed into minute particles and then coated with binders such as protein and dextrin. The unique characteristics which the oil and fat doesn’t originally have can be added to these powders.

Product name N-NEOPOWDER
Characteristics An oil powder with superior oxidation and heat stability thanks to a special manufacturing technique that completely coats the oil in binders.
Main uses Confectionary, instant foods, processed foods

Ingredients for processed foods
Oils, are key to bringing out the flavor in processed food. By processing oils into other forms, such as powders and emulsions, they can be used more easily and effectively in a number of food applications.

Product name White Sauce Base
Characteristics A cream, used for processed foods, that does not darken after heat sterilization. By diluting with two to three times more water, the cream can be used in white sauces instead of milk or concentrated milk.
Main uses Processed foods

Product name PL-100
Characteristics A lard emulsion used in pickle solution, mainly for pork cutlets and other processed pork products. The emulsion remains even in liquid form even in refrigerated storage and can be injected easily into meat.
Main uses Processed foods

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