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Product Information

Functional Film Products

NOF will continue to develop unique functional films by fully utilizing its unparalleled three core technologies including the "materials developing technology", "product designing technology," and "thin film coating technology.”

AR film ReaLook®, AirLike®
By coating the surface of an electronic display with the AR film ReaLook® and AirLike®, reflection of light from fluorescent lamps and elsewhere can be restrained to make the images on the screen more pleasant to look at. Some types have this anti-reflective function augmented with smear-proofing and anti-glare(AG) function. These films also include versions for artistic use and building material purposes. The clients can choose what best fits their respective requirements out of an abundant array of different grades. Above all, AirLike® is super low reflection Film that has outstanding AR performance.

Anti-fingerprint (AFP) film ClearTouch® and anti-fingerprint anti-reflection (AFP-AR) film PureFace®
Touchscreens used for finger typing like those in smartphones, tablets, and car-mounted
displays suffer reduced visibility when tainted by fingerprints.
Fingerprints are less noticeable when NOF's AFP film ClearTouch® and AFP-AR film
PureFace® are applied as fingerprints on these films spread out, reducing the scattering of light. They also make it much easier to wipe off fingerprints. Both the clear type and antiglare type of PureFace® have anti-reflective properties.

Z series of functional molding films
AFP films: ClearTouch® Z series
AFP-AR films: PureFace® Z series

The recent pursuit of enhanced design for smartphones, tablets, and car-mounted displays has led to the popular use of three-dimensional displays and touch panels. NOF developed ClearTouch® Z series and PureFace® Z series for mold injection in response to customer needs for imparting anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective properties to threedimensional curved surfaces. Thanks to the distensibility of their base films and functional films, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective functions can be imparted to molded objects.

Blocked Carboxylic Acid Hardened Products

NOFCURE® for protecting liquid crystal displays
This protective film for liquid crystal color filters is based on NOF's original blocked carboxylic acid as a hardening agent. The liquid has excellent stability for preservation, and it achieves a highly functional color filter configuration with its transparency and flatness, while preventing contamination of liquid crystal with a highly dense cross-linkage.
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