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Product Information

Activated PEGs and PEGylation

Although protein-based drugs have become more accepted as medicines, in general, they present some problems with regards to their stability and antigenecity in the body. One approach to solving these problems has been the ongoing modification of these drugs using PEG derivatives. The highest quality of PEG derivatives is required for the modification. In response, NOF has leveraged its proprietary synthesis and purification technologies to produce the high-quality SUNBRIGHT® series of PEG derivatives.
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PEG protein
PEG protein


Since the early 1990s, NOF has been supplying the COATSOME® series of high-purity phospholipids, which satisfy cGMP requirements. We are currently developing new phospholipids and PEG phospholipids, and using these to develop liposome preparation technologies.
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Liposome image (Photo courtesy of FEI Company Japan Ltd.)
Liposome image
(Photo courtesy of FEI Company Japan Ltd.)

High-purity Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives

NOF uses advanced refining techniques to provide high-purity unsaturated fatty acids and their derivatives, which it markets as the NOFABLE® series. In particular, this series contains non-ionic surfactants that incorporate highly pure (over 99%) oleic acid and are extremely stable. This enables pharmaceuticals to be blended as emulsifiers or solubilizers with minimum loss of efficacy.
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Polysorbate 80
Polysorbate 80

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