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DDS Development

Product Information

Phospholipid and Liposome

NOF supplies the high-purity phospholipid, phospholipid derivatives and liposome from reagent to bulk in pharmaceuticals. Using state-of-the-art synthesis and purification technology, we have developed various kinds and grades of products. Bulk phospholipids are produced in the facility under GMP operation and have been supplied worldwide for many years with good reputation.
NOF supplies purified egg PC, soy PC and hydrogenated soy PC for natural phospholipids.
Regarding synthetic phospholipid, DDPC, DLPC, DMPC, DPPC, DSPC, DOPC, POPC and DEPC are available for PC series. DMPG, DPPG, DSPG, POPG are available for PG series. DMPA, DPPA and DSPA are available for PA series. DMPE, DPPE, DSPE and DOPE are available for PE series. DOPS is available for PS series in stock. PEG or polyglycerin attached phospholipid (PG phospholipid) are available for long circulating liposome formulation.
Activated functional group attached phospholipid either PEG end or non PEG end are also available for immunoliposome or targeting use liposome.
For non injectable use, DPPC, POPC and POPG are recommended for pulmonary delivery while DOPC, POPC and DDPC are recommended for nasal delivery.
We also offer custom-made synthesis of phospholipid.

For more detail information about our Phospholipid and Liposome, please visit at

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