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WORLD-WIDE-LEADER in DDS PEGylation Activated PEGs

Phospholipid, Liposome, Lipid, Lecithin

Polysorbate 80: Less Allergic, Multi-Compendial Solubilizer

Cell Immobilization, Microarray Cell Membrane Modifier Cell Immobilizer
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1. PEGylation for PEG-Drug
  NOF produces the world's best quality Activated PEGs from our high-quality methoxypoly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG). NOF also supplies our proprietary high-purity branched, multi-arm and hetero-functional Activated PEGs tailored to meet our customers' PEG Drugs. NOF can supply Activated PEGs produced under GMP standards in our state-of-the-art GMP facility. NOF can help you to modify your drugs by using our PEGylation technology and our high-quality Activated PEGs.

2. Phospholipid and Liposome
  NOF supplies the high-purity phospholipids which have been produced under GMP operation since the 1990’s with good reputation from worldwide customers.
  NOF supplies purified egg PC, egg PG, soy PC, hydrogenated soy PC and sphingomyelin for natural phospholipids.
  NOF supplies following synthetic phospholipids,
  • PG series: DMPG, DPPG, DSPG, POPG
  • PA series: DMPA, DPPA, DSPA
  • PE series: DMPE, DPPE, DSPE, DOPE
  • PS series: DOPS
  PEG or polyglycerin attached phospholipids (PEG phospholipid) are available for long circulating liposome formulations.
  Activated functional group attached phospholipids either PEG end or non PEG end are also available for immunoliposome or targeting use liposome.
  NOF also offers custom-made synthesis of phospholipid and provide unique liposome research kit (Empty liposome) for drug delivery systems (DDS).

3. Ultra-Purity Polysorbate 80
  Polysorbate 80(HX)™ of NOF is ultra-purity Polysorbate 80 for injectable grade which has outstanding features as follows;
  • Low Allergic Reaction (Low degranulation characteristics)
  • Low Cell Toxicity and Low Hemolysis
  • Low Peroxide, Colorless and Odorless
  • Vegetable Source (No animal sources)
  • Multi-Compendial (NF (USP), EP and JP)
  Our Polysorbate 80(HX)™ has an outstanding safer characteristic and will be a world wide standard product in pharmaceutical especially for injectable purpose.

4. Ultra-Purity PEG-200,300,400 : MACROGOL
  NOF has developed Ultra-purified low molecular weight polyethylene glycols (PEG-200,300 and 400) which are specifically synthesized and purified to reduce ethylene glycol (EG), diethylene glycol (DEG) and POV and meet with multi-compendial (USP/NF,EP,JP).

5. Cell Membrane Modifier
  Our Cell Membrane Modifier is Biocompatible Anchor for cell Membrane (BAM).
  Using BAM, membranes of cells or tissues can be modified with physiologically active substances (PAS) such as proteins, enzymes or drugs without causing damage.
  Using BAM, cells or tissues can be also immobilized alive on surfaces of various kinds of materials for cell culture.

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