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Cell Membrane Modifier

Welcome to our website on BAM.

Biocompatible Anchor for cell Membrane (BAM) is consisting of oleyl groups as a hydrophobic cell membrane anchor and activated polyethylene glycol (PEG) for increasing water solubility and reacting with either physiologically active substances (PAS) or material surfaces at the PEG terminal. Using BAM, membranes of cells or tissues can be modified with PAS such as proteins, enzymes or drugs without causing damage. Utilizing our new technologies, cells or tissues can be also immobilized alive on surfaces of various kinds of materials. Possessing excellent functions beyond conventional concepts, our new technologies should provide wide application in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

For more detail information about our Novel Excipients, please visit at

Cell Immobilization, Microarray Cell Membrane Modifier Cell Immobilizer

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