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Functional Chemicals & Polymers

Product Information


Organic peroxides are used as polymerization initiators and crosslinking agents for synthetic resins and synthetic rubber contained in products such as plastics, films, and housings for audio-visual equipment. NOF began selling organic peroxides in 1957, and since then has been a leading manufacturer both in Japan and abroad, supported by a strong reputation for quality and new product development.

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Petrochemical Products

Products include polybutene, used as an ingredient for C4 (butane, butene) fractions and isoparaffin-based odorless solvents. These products are supplied to various related industries as ingredients for lubricating oils, adhesives, insulating oils and other products.

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Functional Polymers

NOF has developed a range of graft copolymers and block copolymers based on special organic peroxides, marketed as the MODIPER® series. This series is widely used for the surface modification of resins and as a compatibilizer for polymer alloys, winning acclaim in the field of synthetic resin modification. Leveraging its unique technology, NOF has also developed the NOFALLOY® series of high-performance thermoplastic elastomers.

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