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Application to cosmetics
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Application to cosmetics

LIPIDURE® has higher hygroscopicity and moisture retention capability than hyaluronic acid. LIPIDURE® characteristicly retains its hygroscopicity and moisture retention capability even after rinsed with water. (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Horny-cell-layer Dilution Test

(Figure 3: Horny-cell-layer Dilution Test)

Photo of a 3 dimensional cultivated skin model after rinsing 10 times with phosphate buffer solution 3 hours after coating with LIPIDURE® labeled by fluorescent material. LIPIDURE® was not rinsed off but remained on the keratin due to the anchoring effect (retention). (Photo 2)

Photo 2: Anchoring Effect with a 3 Dimensional Cultivated Skin Model

(Photo 2: Anchoring Effect with a 3 Dimensional Cultivated Skin Model)

Rough skin tests were performed using LIPIDURE®. Application of 7.5% sodium dodecyl sulfate solution (SDS) to the skin for a week causes desquamation, edema, and erythema. However, these symptoms can be prevented by applying LIPIDURE® simultaneously. Application of SDS to a culture of human normal keratinocyte induces production of IL-1α, an inflammatory cytokine. LIPIDURE® decreases the amount of IL-1α production and reduces the damage to cells caused by SDS.

When shampooed hair was tied up, the surface of the cuticle was lifted. On the other hand, the surface of the cuticle treated with LIPIDURE® did not lift. (Photo 3)

LIPIDURE® is effective for protecting the skin and hair, and makes them smooth.

Photo 3: Hair Protection Effect

(Photo 3: Hair Protection Effect)

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